Digital Panel Meters


Multifunction Digital Panel Meters 

DPM series gives you a big choice between digital panel meters Keeping whatever model you choose, the accuracy of measurement for all the utility parameters with the highest level of reliability in the industry. DPM 09 is a simple multi-meter that can measure RMS voltage of each phase, RMS line voltage, RMS current per phase and frequency.

DPM10 beside these measurements can display the max. values of these voltages and currents which may help the user to take his decisions instead of continuous observation to monitor what does happen in his utility. Just leave the DPM10 measures the maximum demand of current per phase that may help in reattributing your loads between different phases or taking care of the cross sections of yr. cables, etc. The maximum voltage that may happen at night if recorded will help you consulting with the utility company to adjust the transformer tap feeding yr. loads. The DPM 11 adds to those parameters measured by DPM09 the power factor and Kilowatts per each phase and the total kilowatts and power factor. If you choose our DPM13 muti-meter you can also kilowatt hours (KWH) and (KVARH).

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