Relay Stabilizers

Relay Type Voltage Stabilizer is built with the latest technology to give you peace of mind with uncompromised protection for your loads.

 It consists of multi-tap auto Transformer, Power relay circuit, Microcontroller based control circuit and LCD display circuit. When the voltage fluctuates or the load varies, automatic measurement/control circuit will send signal to Power Relays, then the output voltage will be adjusted to rated value and get a steady state.

The Microprocessor based relay type voltage stabilizer intuitively manages and performs a variety of functions while regulating the output voltage. Fast, accurate and reliable measurements are provided and displayed via 2*16 character LCD display for input voltage, output voltage, output current, % loading and frequency. Also there were three LED visual display indicating power ON/OFF, output ON/OFF and finally warning LED. System protection alarms include: over voltage, under voltage and overload protection. Installation is quick and thesavings are immediate with relay type voltage stabilizer.

 All Sigma SR products are manufactured using high quality components as per international quality standards and fully designed and manufactured in Egypt .

Our relay type stabilizers series SR have beside the simplicity and the low volume the benefit of versatile design

You can choose your model according to accuracy of output voltage that may vary between +/-3% or +/-6%,also you can choose your window in the input to keep regulating its output even if the voltage in the input goes down to 120 VAC.

We manufacture the SR series with all these different choices starting from 3 KVA to 20 KVA single phase.

For three phases keeping all these choices we manufacture 15 to 100 KVA relay type stabilizers.

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