Single Phase Servo Stabilizers

Sigma turbo stabilizers manufactured by Sigma Electronics combine the reliability with fast response to protect yr. loads.The turbo series single phase stabilizers are manufactured starting from 5 Kva to 60 Kva and for three phase up to 1000 Kva.Thanks to our control based on microcontrollers to give the user the highest possible flexibility in configuring his stabilizer and fine adjustment of his protection level

Main feature of Turbo series

-True RMS Input/Output Measurements.

-Independent control for each phase.

- Micro Controlled System.

- 80v/Sec Dynamic Regulations Speed.

- 1% Static Regulation.

- Electronic Overload and Over Voltage Protection.

- Load Level, Output Voltage, Input Voltage LCD Display.

- Programmable Low and High Level Voltage Protection.

- Wide Range Correction Operating Area 160 – 250 VAC per phase.

- Programmable Output Voltage.

- Input High Voltage Protection.


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