Industrial Rectifier/Charger

High Protection Low Ripples

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IR series is a microprocessorcontrolled Rectifier/BatteryChargers, eithersingle-phaseor
three-phase systems. IRseriesaredesigned tosupply DC powerto sensitive load sata constant uninterrupted voltage,freefromtheusualutility powerlinedistributions.


  • Wide range of DCoutputsat different powers, ex.12-24–48-110VDC.
  • Digital control technology with High Speed microprocessor.
  • LCD display with active mimic diagram.
  • Continuous operation at full load in all operating conditions.
  • Compatible with NiCadandLead Acid batteries.
  • Front access all vital modules of the system for easy maintenance.
  • Standard and tailor made system to comply with all customer’s specifications


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