Thyristor Type

Single And Three Phase Up to 100 KVA

MicroProcessor Controlled Architecture

SCR Type Voltage Stabilizer is top line of Voltage Stabilizers, Replacing mechanical switches with semiconductor AC Switches (TRIACs) offering a TRUE STATIC Regulation at high speed correction rate. The system consist of multi-tap auto Transformer, Power TRIAC circuit, Microcontroller based control circuit and LCD display circuit. When the voltage fluctuates or the load varies, automatic measurement/control circuit will send signal to Fire the selected TRIAC, then the output voltage will be adjusted to rated value and get a steady state.

SCR Type Stabilizers: offers the best regulation for sensitive single and three phase loads using a rigid design using a microcontroller controlling a multi-tap auto-transformer being switched by TRIACs. The system is carefully designed with with overrated components to ensure smooth and reliable operation benefiting the existence of a microcontroller to offer a rich set of protection and intuitive user interface.


  • Single and three phase units designed for heavy duty industrial working conditions.
  • Independent phase regulation to correct voltage and load unbalance.
  • Control and stabilization are performed on the true RMS value based on digital
  • microprocessor operating with a software specifically developed.
  • Wide input range 380±15%or380±25%(other on request).
  • High quality components are used to provide optimal voltage regulation.
  • Protection against overload, high voltage, under voltage and other failures.
  • Interactive user interface that monitors each phase independently and displays
  • operational status by means of LCD and colored LEDs.
  • High efficiency up to 98%.
  • Integrated manual rotary maintenance bypass witch standard on all units.
  • Long life and maintenance free performance.

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